D  is for dance,  like I do when you’re home

and you give me a stroke and a small crunchy bone.

Twirling and spinning, I’m happy to see you

You tell me I’m  beautiful, sweet little muffy moo


A is for action, we’re ready to go

Adventures are waiting,  we walk with the flow

We are never quite sure what nice smells we will find

I can be a minx but you’re never unkind.


D is for  digging, a hobby of mine

Sometimes you let me,  just so I don’t whine

If I find a treasure, from digging so deep

I’ll take it to you and invite you to eat


This poem spells DAD and that’s a great word

one of the nicest that. I’ve ever heard

Each time I hear it,  I feel fuzzy inside

Whenever I can, I’ll be right by your side.



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